Growth of any business – no matter big or small, depends much on its ability to market and advertise its products and services. And to market any business successfully, its brand recognition is a must.

Now, if you own a business, you would know the importance of branding. Your brand serves as an expression through which any potential consumer can easily recognize your products and services. In other words, we can say that the success or failure of a business depends entirely on its branding.

Among the various branding solutions, mobile advertising has always been prominent. As advancements in technology continue, branded vehicles have surpassed billboards and blimp advertisements.

What is Vehicle Branding?

When you use any graphic on your vehicle promoting your company, whether it is a small sticker of your brand’s logo or a complete vehicle wrap, it is termed vehicle branding. There are different methods of vehicle wrapping depending on the type of vehicle, budget, target audience, and marketing strategy of a company. You can convert your fleet of vehicles into mobile advertising tools using your fleet for vehicle wrapping. You can use them as a 24/7 marketing platform.

Is vehicle branding cost-effective?

According to research, unlike advertisements on TV or radio, vehicle branding is more effective in impressing the target audience, has no specific time frame for advertising, and is an active form of advertising.

According to an advertising agency in Dubai, the average cost of marketing via vehicle branding in Dubai is not more than 0.9 Dirhams per thousand impressions. It is dirt cheaper than advertising via TV ads which can cost up to 70 Dirhams per thousand impressions. Hence, vehicle branding is the most cost-effective way of marketing.

Does vehicle wrapping increase engagement?

Vehicle wrapping is one of the best ways to market your business. It has the potential to reach a large percentage of probable customers. Just like a billboard, a vehicle wrap has the potential of advertising 24/7, whether on the go or standing in a parking lot. This way, you can easily reach the target audience. According to research, around 96% of the population responds to a business by noticing the vehicle wraps. It further stated vehicle wraps could gain up to 50,000 impressions in a day.

As vehicle advertising has a great reach potential, it can repeatedly gain brand impressions on the target audiences. Thus, when you use vehicle branding for your advertising campaigns, you can expect a direct return on whatever you invest.

Why is vehicle branding important?

With vehicle branding, you can achieve an infinite amount of impressions on the target audience, even if you have a small budget. Your branded vehicle represents your company, and therefore, it directly influences how the viewers look at your business. The advertising potential of your business increases significantly with vehicle branding because the decal or wrap on your vehicle attracts the attention of every onlooker.

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