Business Cards

Even in today’s fast-moving corporate world, a good business card still speaks volumes about you, your organization and your brand. A small but mighty tool at meetings, networking events and conferences, business cards are the primary tool for wowing potential clients, employers, stakeholders and customers. Ash & Sims helps you achieve all this with perfectly designed and high-quality business cards. Our fully personalized business cards will ensure that your brand is perceived as classy and make a lasting impression about you and your company.


Letterheads is the foundation of your professional business identity. They make a good impact as a marketing tool for any business. They are being used to present your business correspondence in a unique manner and with a professional look. Ash & Sims offers cost effective letterhead printing on different types of papers with options of foiling and embossing.


Envelopes are generally used to enclose small flat items, especially letters for mailing. An envelope is a wrapping, a flat container for the documents, bunch of papers and for thin packages etc. A well-designed and printed envelope plays a significant role in creating your business identity.


Notepads are an effective print marketing tool for any business. A Notepad can make a wonderful promotional item for any one who is working from a strict budget. We print and design notepads in several different sizes, shapes and colors. Depending on how much money you want to spend in notepad printing, you can make plain notepads with your name and company logo on it, offered as fine gifts for clients.


Whether you’re making Flyers for epic campaigns or something special we’ve got you covered. Flyers are the most cost-effective way to spread the word about your product or service. We offer full-color flyer printing at the most competitive prices. With matte or gloss finishes, a variety of paper stock and single or double-page printing to choose from, we spoil you with ways to advertise your brand.

Shelf Talkers

Shelf Talkers are designed to grab the attention of shoppers, these POP gems are perfect for highlighting your product and increasing sales. We help you design and print simple, clear, to-the-point headlines, shelf talkers that are sure to grab your customer’s attention and increase your sales.


Our eye-catching shelf wobblers come with an adhesive strip of clear plastic. Attach them with ease to the shelf, or just about anywhere else. Subtle air currents in the room cause them to wobble around and grab attention. Ash & Sims helps you create and print eye-catching wobblers that are sure to get your products a second glance from shoppers and make them interested to make the purchase.


Danglers serve as a good marketing material and help your product stand out in the sea of ads without costing you much. We help you design and print danglers that come with thread or fish twine and can be used for bottles of all shapes and sizes and many other products.