Are you planning to buy a fleet of vehicles for your company? Well, it can be one of the smartest moves for any business. If you have your company’s car, it would be a good source of commutation, not only for you but for your employees too. Your employees would find it easy to access different places for delivering your products and services to the customers.

Even more importantly, you can also use that fleet of vehicles as mobile marketing platforms adding to your advertising campaign. However, make sure that the vinyl wrap is proper for all vehicles.

It is because accurately done vehicle branding can turn out to be a jackpot in a cost-efficient marketing strategy. But, your investments in vehicle branding can go down the drain if you make the following mistakes. Take a look.

1. Forgetting your brand style guide when coming up with the design

One of the most common mistakes that most business owners make is choosing a random font and color for making the wrap design unique. Selecting the wrong elements for your digital and printed vinyl wraps can send confusing messages to existing and potential customers. If the style and pattern of the wrap design do not match the business brand, investment in vehicle branding will be a waste.

As a business owner, you must remember, along with advertising your company, vehicle wraps also serve as great branding tools for your business. These can attract many people and make them aware of your brand. Therefore, you have to be sure that the design of the wrap you choose is consistent with the personality of your business brand.

2. Cramming too many things into the design

To include all the things of your business, like the products it sells and the services it offers, business owners usually cram up too many things on the wrap design. When there is too much information in the vinyl wrap, it becomes hard for the consumers to remember everything. They will not be able to determine what the brand is all about. And thus, it turns out to be one of the most costly advertising mistakes that business owners can make.

While creating a graphic design for the vinyl wrap for your vehicle, ensure that you keep it as simple as possible. Since your audience will have a few seconds to absorb the information on your design, keeping it precise, relevant, and effective will be helpful.

3. Using barely noticeable design and elements

The efforts and money get wasted if the audience does not notice the design. Usually, this mistake occurs when you fail to use contrasting colors in the design. For example, if you choose a white or subtle background and write text in a light shade, the audience will find it difficult to read. They won’t be able to read your message, no matter how well thought it is.

Therefore, make sure that you use a contrasting color for the graphics on your vinyl wrap. Also, ensure that you use an apt size font and logo on the wrap. It will make the audience notice the advertisement on your vehicle even if it is moving.

 4. Using poor quality photos on the design

Since your vehicle wrap will reflect your business, you will not want the wrap design to look unprofessional. Adding low-quality images to the wrap will make it look fuzzy or grainy. Such a vinyl wrap on your vehicle will echo that your business is unethical and not professional at all. Ensure that you use high-quality images for the wrap design. Also, avoid using clip art images, as these overused and nondescript pictures would clutter the design.

5. Failing to ensure the wrap fits the vehicle

Now, if the graphics and seams of the vinyl wrap are misaligned, the result of the vehicle wrap will appear bland and dull. It will not solve the advertising purpose of vehicle branding and will turn out to be a bad investment. However, this issue arises due to installation problems. Make sure the designer has the experience of creating a proper seam layout that fits your vehicle.

Convert your company vehicles to perfect mobile marketing tools by using vinyl wraps. Avoid the above mistakes for an ideal vehicle branding and make the most of your investment. Contact Ash and Sims to serve you with the best vinyl wraps in Dubai.


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