Exhibition Stands

Having a proper branding in an event or exhibition is more important than any other branding. Unlike other ways you will be facing the potential and exiting customers in person and represent your brand. The impression you create with your branding will definitely give a boost to your sales.


Kiosk design and fabrication is what we do-no questions asked (except the relevant ones)! Whether it’s a Mall kiosk, retail kiosk, information kiosk, portable kiosk or an outdoor one, we’ve got you covered! We create unique and customised kiosk designs, just the way you want it.

Retail mall kiosks are an integral part of store design and customer experience. We being one of the leading kiosk manufacturers in Dubai, we have a wide selection of unique and out of the box kiosk designs tailored to the needs of the client. Our creative and thorough designers consider every requirement of the client from head to toe. An elaborate planning is conducted for the kiosk floor position, material to be used, touch height, tip-over force, durability, reliability, among other factors while designing the kiosks.

Podiums & Counters

Podiums and Counters are a valuable addition to a company’s marketing strategy as they are mainly used for events and exhibition purposes. They are also used in corporate offices, demonstration points, and are used as areas for customers to interact with the staff.

We make it a point to create high quality and good-looking podiums that catch the eye of your customers. Ash & Sims is a proficient podium manufacturer which is fact backed by a long line of satisfied customers spread across various industries. We are also highly capable of building counters tailored to the client’s requirements keeping their vision and brand guidelines in mind.

Free Standing Display Units

Have you thought about converting your product displays as a medium for advertising and brand promotion. If not you are missing out a lot, branding your display is an attractive way to register as a brand in your customers mind.

Retail Pop Up Activation

At Ash & Sims, we take pride in providing highly creative Pop Up retail shops which serve as enticing for the client as well as eye catching for their customers. From fashion to food, and art to tech gadgets, every consumer product has been sold via a pop-up store at one point in time. Pop-Up shops are mostly a temporary arrangement, but if executed correctly, could massively benefit the company. Ash & Sims has the capability of providing customizable pop up shops of the highest quality that could be used for various kinds of festivities, events, and exhibitions.

Our professionally experienced designers are capable of jotting down each and every detail to create the best-looking pop-up stand without compromising the quality. Our exceptional team of hard-working workers make it a point to assemble the pop-up shop without causing any hassle, in the most cost-efficient and time saving manner possible.

Standees / Backdrop

Standees are lightweight, portable, easy to assemble and affordable fabric printing solution which can be used for any event and location. The best part of standees is that there’s no hassle to customize it according to different events.

Backdrops are perfect for conference and trade show displays. Simply customize the backdrop design with your company logo or use high-resolution images printed on the step and repeat banner. You can also use custom photo backdrops for company gatherings and other important business conferences.