Curve Top Flags

Curve Top Flags (Feather Flags) are the perfect outdoor and indoor flags for drawing attention to your business, product, promotion, or location. They can be used all year round because they do not need wind to convey the message, unlike traditional flags. They are an attractive and effective advertising option for any outdoor or indoor events. These windless flags are made of knitted polyester material which is weather-resistant and offers high durability thus making these flags suitable for use all year round with very less maintenance.


H-flags (Straight flags) are versatile, free-standing advertising flags. Great for outdoor advertising at festivals, shop fronts, outdoor shows, sports events and other outdoor events. We offer H-flags that are made of impressive fabric banner media with a vivid dye sublimation fabric print that is weather resistant and suitable for use all year round.

Teardrop Flags

Teardrop Flags (Eye Drop Flags) are flexible, portable and an ideal option for temporary advertising needs at both indoor and outdoor events. They are a simple and effective form of advertising. These printed advertising flags are eye-catching with vivid colors and have remarkable style due it is a unique design.

Telescopic Flags

Telescopic flags are best suited for outdoor applications as they come in multiple sizes along with adjustable flag pole height ranging from 8ft to 15ft. These flags are ideal for displaying large amounts of information due to the fact that their surface area is larger compared to the other flag types. They are an ideal option to promote your brand at outdoor events. These flags grab attention from afar. They are fully collapsible and compact flags which makes transport and installation very easy.

Flag Bases

We have a wide range of bases available that are compatible with your flag poles. No matter where you’d like to assemble your flag, we have a base to make sure your flag pole and graphic stays up.

Tents / Umbrellas / Toblerone

Advertising pop up tents also known as canopies or gazebos are a great tool for brand building and product marketing. These are cost effective, easy to assemble, washable and can be custom made using any fabric of your choice. As & Sims can make and print custom designs on tents and umbrellas for any event. We also ship and install on-site.

We also provide custom printed advertising umbrellas. These umbrellas are commonly branded with company logos or other business identity for promotions and events.

Toblerone is light-weight, portable and very easy to assemble. It is an easy and cost-effective advertising solution. Branding can be done on both sides of the Toblerone. Suitable for outdoor events especially for football, cricket, rugby field. A good option for events in deserts as well.