Are you planning to get your car painted to get a brand new feel? Do you think of using your car as a mobile billboard to advertise your business? All of such reasons are enough to get a custom car wrap.

Here, we shall discuss six reasons to get a custom car wrap. But firstly, let us know in brief what a car wrap is? A car wrap is a thin film or vinyl covering glued on the clean surface of the car. Because of the popularity of vinyl car wraps, you can get these in various color patterns, designs, colors, and of course, finishes.

Since it is applied over the top of the paint, your paint job should be as good as new to get excellent results. Do not consider vinyl wrapping to hide corrosion or paint damage because it is applied over the paint to work well.

6 Reasons to Get a Custom Car Wrap

1) Increases the resale value of your car

Vinyl wraps increase the value of your car in the true sense. It will help you find a buyer if you wish to sell it off in the future. If you get your car painted in a unique design and color, you may not easily find a buyer having a similar taste as yours. The advantage of a car wrap is that you can remove it easily whenever you want without damaging the paint if the person you are selling your car doesn’t like the design.

2) Exclusive for your car

Getting a custom car wrap means you get a car design exclusively made for you. You can get unique effects with one-of-a-kind textures or finishes on your car. You can use your commercial vehicles with vinyl wraps that include your business logo. Having the same custom car wrap on all your commercial vehicles will effectively communicate your business brand.

3) Not expensive as paint

If you get a custom paint job for your car, you should be ready to spend around 200,000 to 250,000 Dirhams. To calculate the total cost of the paint job on a fleet of commercial vehicles, multiply this value with the total count in your fleet. On the other hand, a custom car wrap will cost you half of the paint job value. Since the same design is getting used to produce many wraps for your fleet of cars, the expense of each car wrap is low.

4) Any vehicle can be wrapped

Another advantage of vinyl wrap is the opportunity to wrap any vehicle, including a car, truck, or van. As the vinyl wraps are versatile and can adapt to any shape and size, you can use them for applying on any vehicle having any paint job done on it.

5) You can wrap the windows too

If you custom design a vinyl wrap for your car, you get the advantage of covering the windows of the car too. Now, this is quite unlikely when you select a custom paint job for your vehicle. When you opt for graphics or some other custom design, it gets printed on perforated vinyl. Although vinyl wraps, when applied to the windows, cover it entirely, still, one can easily see through it.

6) Maintenance is easy

Like paint jobs, custom car wraps can also get damaged easily. However, unlike a paint job, damages to the car wraps are easily and quickly repaired. Damage to the paint on a car may require repainting it entirely. But, in case of the car wrap damage of a particular section, you have to reapply that section only.

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